June VHF Contest 2014


Grid Square DM23, South of Joshua Tree National Park


It took about 8 hours to set up the station


Starting with assembling the M2 6M8GJ beam


Final adjustment of the gin-pole clamp


Attaching the boom-to-mast clamp


The beam was on the tower by sunset on Friday


On the left, 2m at 20 feet, 70cm at 25 feet
Center, our Charlie Brown Beam for 220 FM


K6EPP working 6m on the left
KI6VVN working 2m on the right


"Crank up the Air-Conditioner, Please
It's 105 degrees in Here"


As soon as we put Michele on the air
the size of the pile-up doubled


All stations in operation on Saturday


8 elements on a 42 foot boom at 45 feet
A thing of beauty is a joy for ever...


The 6m band was in good shape on Saturday
We were spotted in the thick of the activity


The band did equally well on Sunday
and we were spotted again


Grids Worked, 2m
Thanks to N6TR for roving through DM23, allowing us to log our own grid


Grids Worked, 6m
175 stations in 77 grids


The paperwork takes a year to complete...