June VHF Contest 2016


Grid Square DM14, at 9000 Feet MSL


The Jeep got a trailer hitch this year so I could pull the tower-trailer
That was Dennis's job until he moved to New Orleans


With the mountain-top location determined, the trailer was unhooked
so the mast could be installed through the thrust bearing and into the rotator


The 36-foot long 2m beam, closet to the rotator, wasn't designed for this orientation
The 30-foot long 70cm beam wasn't happy, either, but the 1296 yagi didn't care


With the tower raised to vertical, the antennas got proper support


There was no need to crank the tower up
Terrain dropped 4000 feet to the East


Michele and Scott assemble the 6m beam, while Fred, sensing disaster, calls his insurance broker


The 20-foot mast doesn't have a rotator. A rope pulls it to the desired heading and a rock holds it


Spectacular trees showed evidence of harsh winters


The 6m station used an Elecraft K3 and a KPA500 amplifier
That didn't bother the Honda Eu2000i generator at all


CQ Contest !


Sunrise on Sunday


Looking down on Big Bear on the way home


Grids worked on 6m from Saturday, 11:00AM, to Sunday, 11:00 AM


Miracles Never Cease !!