ARRL June VHF Contest 2021


With a Little Help From My Friends

Scott, AF6RT
Michele, KK6KPW

The Last Chapter in a Ten-Year Series


Scott and Michele arrived at noon, just in time for a pasta with shrimp, peas and mushroom lunch, after their 8-hour drive from San Francisco.



The hamsters are checking out the U-Haul where three radio stations will be installed


Peter's Van where Scott will operate


A cold beer is deserved after the equipment is loaded


A delicious BBQ steak dinner to fortify the crew
Sparky photobombs another scene



After dinner, final inspection before leaving at 7:00 PM to claim our parking spots on the hill.


We won't know what we forgot until we get there...
So Let's Go


Saturday morning, Elsa just brought Michele and breakfast, lox and bagel with fruit and chicken sandwiches and potato salald for lunch


Notice this is 7:00 AM on Saturday morning. Cars have been arriving since 4:30 AM for hiking and biking on the nearby trails.

The 9-Foot Cargo Van was much more comfortable than the 10-foot truck we used last year
On the left, an IC-9100 for 2m, 70cm, and 23cm SSB and digital.


Michele's station... 144, 220 and 440 FM and logging computer.


Gary Standard, K6GSX, arrives with the tower trailer.



Installing the 6m beam on the van rotator. It isn't heavy, just awkward.


Ready to go for the 11:00 AM Saturday starting time.


Scott, ready to see how many contacts he can make, with a basket of snacks to enjoy all day


Having another station spot your call helps on a slow Sunday afternoon.


Michele, showing how this is supposed to be done.


6:00 PM Saturday evening Elsa just brought sushi, dumplings and Happy Hour for our tired bones, later taking Michele home for a good night's rest


Sunday morning at 7:00 AM, Elsa brought breakfast of eggs benedict with fruit. and Michele back for another long day of making radio contacts.



A good time was had by all who survived...
Back home, all is unpacked by 8:00 PM and the weary operators showered.
Hot Chicken-Noodle soup for the survivors



Sparky was late to the party and eager to leave.


6 AM Monday morning, Scott is busy loading his Prius back up

Scott and Michelle debating how to load the car


All this for a weekend. Laugh


If Scott loads the car, nothing fits.
If Michele loads the car, everything fits perfectly.
Husbands learn this early on.


Going Out in Style
A First Place finish in the Orange Section
for our last entry as Unlimited Multit