The Hamster Pages

Adventures of a Hamster

From an ad in Popular Science, 1950


Ham Radio Contests and Field Day Adventures

VHF Contests  
2012 VHF Contest, June
2013 VHF Contest, June
2014 VHF Contest, June
2015 VHF Contest, June
2016 VHF Contest, June
2017 VHF Contest, June

Field Days  
2013 Field Day, June
2014 Field Day, June
2017 Field Day, June

HF Contests  
2013 10m Contest 2013

The Hamster's Nest QSL Cards and Awards
Quickie 40m NVIS Antenna Assembles itself in Minutes
Henry Radio Amp Keying Don't Blow up your IC-7000
Tower Trailer Our Secret Weapon
TV News Van A Mobile Rig for the Ages

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